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You’ve got to be a metal person to understand metal.
— Chad Gray(HELLYEAH/Mudvayne)
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Ryan Martinie of Mudvayne

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Katarina, the Sinister Blade by dr-grizscald
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I can talk about love, 
I can talk about hate, 
I could try to teach a lesson but I doubt it penetrates, 
I can give you all excuses till I’m blue in my face, 
I can talk about serenity, but it doesn’t mean a thing, 
I can talk about problems, I can talk about sin 
I can talk about trial, but what do we really win? 
I can talk about forgiveness, though I’d probably be condemned 

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if you sing loud and clear
someone passing by 
will surely hear you
no you can’t be afraid
if you ever want
somebody to hear you

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Mordant Rapture by Nathan Lee


Mordant Rapture by Nathan Lee

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Hey by Eve Ventrue

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